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The mobile app trend is continually increasing and most individuals prefer to purchase mainly on their mobile devices. So, most business owners begin seeking a way to develop their mobile applications to increase the business's revenue. when they try to hire a company for assistance, they discover that the agency cost for developing an App will be expensive and that they cannot afford it That got us thinking about a way to fill this gap That’s why we created stacks


Stacksmarket (2018- present) for empowering small and medium-sized business owners with online presence by providing them with mobile app(Android & iOS)

Our Mission At Stacks

Allows business owners to create their own enterprise-scale mobile applications in any sector without spending a lot of money


To ensure that our service is accessible to all, we keep our prices low.

Empower a talented team.

We want to go public, and we understand that to do so, we need a fantastic staff. As a result, we believe in hiring "A" players and providing them with the support and freedom they require to succeed.

Make our customers satisfied!

Our team is always available to assist our customers in exceeding their objectives.

Our Team

Every member of our team possesses distinct talents, and we think that our diversity provides us with special advantages and the power to learn from our failures.

Our team has more than 6 years of experience in the field of Marketing for SaaS Solutions while the developers are building Mobile Applications for more than 10 years

out Team

Create Your App Without Coding With Stacks

Stacks Market is a powerful drag & drop builder to enable you to create your native mobile app without any technical background. Within a few steps, you can create your application & upload it to Google Play & App store.