Becoming an Affiliate

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate in Stacks’ affiliate program check out terms and conditions explained below.

How it works

  1. Refer new users to subscribe to any of the Stacks products and you’ll receive $20 of their first purchase
  2. Referral code: Every member automatically has a referral code which is generated using your username. This referral code is available on the Affiliates page under My Account Dashboard
  3. Put this link into your site using this code and anyone use this referral link to purchase any item from the marketplace, you will get a $20 of that person first purchase of any item.

More details, Here are a few important points about how it works:

  1. people who use the link on your site need to be using cookies to be tracked as we use cookies to track people who use your link
  2. ( we won’t be able to pay earnings on people you bring who don’t allow cookies or clears their cookies)
  3. If a person clicks on your referral link and then later they click on someone else’s, yours is the one that counts.
  4. A user referred via your referral link must not be related to you or your business or company.
  5. If a person clicks a link, they have one month (30 days) before the cookie expires. If they sign-up and make a purchase within that time, we will pay your Affiliate Program earnings. After 1 month, no Affiliate Program earnings apply.
  6. Earnings appear in your Statistics Page under My Account >> My Affiliates
  7. (people who use your referral link to purchase an item after visiting our marketplace previously won’t be counted)
  8. Above all, use of the Affiliate Program is subject to a fair use policy which gives Stacks the right to review each and every referral.

How to get paid through our referral system

If you want to know how you can earn from our affiliate system and more information about your affiliate account then check the terms below

Earnings payment:

( We are authorized by you to collect payments for your users and list it on your statistics then distribute your earnings to you)

  1. Any transaction that is refunded or charged back from the customer will not be paid as a referral
  2. Earnings payment timing and methods:
  1. We will pay you your earnings at the next payment of earnings pay cycle, each payment cycle starts at the 5 days of each month.
  2. you need to provide us with the correct payment details in order to receive your earnings and any wrong payment details falls on your responsibility and you must bear all expenses incurred by us in paying monies to you.
  1. Payment errors: We will continue to hold your earnings if we’re not able to pay your earnings to you for whatever reason, including if:
    1. we do not have the correct payment details;
    2. we can’t contact you using the contact details that you have supplied;
    3. you are asking for payment to be made to a person, or to an institution that we’re prohibited from making payments to at law or where there are limitations in the banking systems;
  1. Currency conversions: Whenever we make a payment to you as an affiliate, you are responsible for all costs of converting the amount of the payment from US dollars into your preferred currency. Your financial institution does the currency conversion and may charge you additional fees (we don’t control either the conversion rates or your financial institution’s fees
  2. Taxes. You are responsible for paying all fees and taxes associated with your referrals and referral payments we make to you wherever levied. Despite this, if required by law, we may deduct or withhold taxes (including withholding tax) in connection with your being an affiliate. If so, we will give you relevant documentation that’s required by law about the deduction or withholding (like documentation allowing you to access rebates or credits, or to manage your tax affairs)

Things you should avoid

  1. You may not refer users by:
    1. confusing them (or potentially confusing them) about whether your site is operated or endorsed by us (for example, by copying design elements from our site);                        
    2. any use of Stacks brands, trademarks and intellectual property, other than banner and logos Stacks makes available for affiliates
    3. Using any domain name, search engine keyword or pay-per-click advertising that use any Stacks trademarks or variations and misspellings;
    4. copying item descriptions (unless send us an email at info@stacksmarket.co and get consent from us);
    5. sending unsolicited email or other messaging that in any way may constitute spam
    6. doing anything that would amount to a breach of any laws including, but not limited to, privacy, intellectual property and spam;
    7. Breach the mentioned affiliate program terms or any guidance we provide)
    8. engaging in any conduct that does not meet our standards of ‘fair play’ at our discretion including things like fraud, confusing the new user, or providing a link designed to mislead the customer.
  1. We reserve the right to decide whether or not your use of the Affiliate Program complies with any applicable laws and/or these Affiliate Program terms or the Stacks Market Terms. If we decide that your participation in the Affiliate Program does not comply, we can based on our reasonable discretion withhold your earnings and may disable your account.