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Introduction to Analytics for App

Stacks aims to provide more ease and comfort to its users every day. We are introducing a new “Analytics” feature that allows you to check and analyze your app’s performance. Using Stacks, creating an app is easy for anyone; use the templates or manually drag and drop items to create your own idea.

After creating an app, the most essential part is to analyze the app’s performance. How many people are using the app? How many people visited a particular page of the app? How many people ordered something if your app is an online store? All these stats are included in the new feature presented by Stacks. The “Analytics” feature will allow you to track customer behavior, collect data, and improve your app/business.

Importance of Tracking Customer Behavior

You cannot judge the impact of an app or the productivity without realizing specific statistics. Customer behavior is one of them. Tracking customer behavior using mobile analytics on your app will allow you to:

  • Realize what pages of the app are getting more or less traffic.
  • Come up with better updates for the app.
  • Optimize the app if needed to make it better.
  • Get an idea of what normal users think about your app.

Analytics for app play a vital role in every app that is connected to people. Now that you know the importance of tracking customer behavior let s talk about the “Analytics” feature in detail.

Analytics for App- Stats Page

The stats page allows you to track the information of traffic on your app. You can see what the customer visited. You can also see what the customer did on certain app pages. The filters allow you to randomly select a timeframe to analyze the stats during that specific timeframe.

For example, if you want to know the data of the visits on your app for the last month, you can use the filter and enter a starting and ending date to view the data. This is helpful if you have launched a new product and you are willing to identify the impact of that product. You can select random dates and view your app’s performance after the release of a new product.

You can also filter by page to view the statistics of the page that you are interested in instead of viewing the statistics for the whole app. The stats page also allows you to identify the number of clicks made on your app by the customers. You can also view the email id, user id, and the page visited by the customers. Analytics for app and tracking customer behavior work together to enhance the app.

Analytics for App- Order Page

So, the stats page is all about traffic and clicks on your app. The filters available are date filters and page filters. You can check the clicks and traffic on your app for any specific date and page by applying the filters. If the traffic statistics and clicks are mentioned on the stats page, how can you track the orders made by people through your app? Did you guess it? Well, there is a separate order page for that!

Tracking your orders using Stacks mobile analytics is so important that we decided to add a separate page for it. The stats page tells you about the traffic and clicks; the order page allows you to deal with the statistical data for orders only. We saw the need to do a separate page for orders instead of adding a column on the stats page. This is done to ensure that the users have flexibility in order stats and find it easy to collect data.

The order page is critical in analytics for app as it provides information about all the orders running on your app. The categories of orders include active orders, orders on hold, canceled, and completed orders. Once again, the filters come into play as mobile analytics allow you to apply a filter and collect data relevantly. If you want to know about the completed orders only, you can select the filter for completed orders and view them. The order page also includes date, user id, email id, total amount, and an order link for every order made. Isn’t it great to have all the order stats under one mobile analytics section?

Thanks to the analytics for app, you don’t have to go through a long list of all sorts of orders to identify the completed or canceled orders. This is an era of clicks instead of reading, smart-working instead of hard-working, and this is exactly what Stacks considered while launching this new mobile analytics feature.

Enhance Your App Using Mobile Analytics

The “Analytics” feature can help you grow your business wisely. You can try new things and evaluate their effect on the popularity, traffic on your app. For example, you have a new product ready for launch, and you think it will boost your app’s traffic. You can launch that product and analyze the customer behavior for a certain amount of time to know if that product was worth it or not. By analyzing the data, you can do better in the future, creating better products to get better traffic using analytics for app.

If you send push notifications through your app, the mobile analytics will let you know about the clicks on your app through the stats page. You can track your orders via the orders page.


Mobile analytics play a key role in enhancing an app. Stacks has launched a new “Analytics” feature that consists of:

  • A stats page that allows you to keep track of traffic and clicks on any page of the app with the user id and email of the user.
  • An order page that allows you to track all sorts of orders with the user id, email, date, and an order link.

The mobile analytics feature aims to allow you to improve your app’s performance by continuous analysis. Analytics for app is a tool that can boost your app if used positively. Stacks aims to make it better for its users every single day! We hope that you will enjoy the new feature to the maximum and enhance your app’s performance!

Get back  to the builder and begin tracking your customers’ behaviors.

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