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marketingstacks Team

How to choose the best marketing channels for your business?

In this series of Stacks Savvy Advises, we have discussed with you in the 1st article the importance of creating an MVP (minimal viable product)


Stacks Team • January 12, 2020

Viable Productstacks Team

How To Create A Minimum Viable Product For Your Mobile E-commerce Application?

When starting a business, one of the main processes is producing MVP for your product/service/mobile app idea MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product It’s


Stacks Team • January 5, 2020

Retargetingstacks Team

How To Increase Your Sales Using Retargeting Ads

If you decided to read this blog post then that means: 1- you have consistent traffic to your website 2- you lose that traffic


Stacks Team • October 17, 2019

KPISstacks Team

How to optimize your page to meet your KPI goals

Last time we discussed the KPI of the Click Through Rate (CTR) in your ad campaign you may want to refer to that article before proceeding


Stacks Team • September 29, 2019

actionable planstacks Team

How to make an actionable plan based on your ad campaign data

The importance that lies within analyzing your ads is immense; as that analysis is compared against the ad’s goal and whether or not it reached


Stacks Team • September 23, 2019

E-commerce businessstacks Team

What To Do And Avoid When It Comes To Starting Your E-commerce Business.

Reaching for starting an e-commerce business is very commendable; it means that you are a problem solver and willing to make a living out


Stacks Team • August 5, 2019

business reachstacks Team

Stacks: a new product that will increase your business reach

Internet affects every aspect of our lives especially in the business world as it changes the way business is conducted starting from how transactions are made


Stacks Team • June 24, 2018

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