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Stacks x Admob

A new journey to have your own passive income app as Stacks joins hands with Admob. Admob is a mobile ad platform from Google. If you don’t have products to sell online, you can always create an app and monetize it to have a passive income app. We will look at how you can create an app and monetize it to earn some cash without having products. Let us dive into how you can get started to monetize an app and earn money. We all know how easy it is to create an app using Stacks. A new milestone is unlocked as Stacks joins hands with Admob to make the monetization of apps possible. Make your own passive income app using Stacks!

The news of Stacks pairing with Admob is a terrific opportunity for you to make a passive income app. Now, we will look at the process of creating a passive income app step-by-step.

Choose Niche for Passive Income Without Having Products

Choosing a niche that pays you enough is the first step toward owning a passive income app. Top niches for monetizing without having products to sell can make you own a highly productive passive income app. The top niches for monetizing that you should keep in mind before making an app are as follows:

  • Online Education is one of the best niches going around. The latest COVID scenario has tremendously added to the value of online educational platforms.
  • Health and fitness were and will be great niches for app monetization. A certain amount of people are always cautious about their health. Apart from diseases, people like to maintain a good body shape; therefore, health and fitness are potentially a perfect niche for monetizing apps.
  • Marketing and advertising are also on the charts when discussing profitable niches for monetizing apps. Marketing and advertising are among the most widely used terms in the internet world. Several new brands are launched every day that want to advertise and market themselves. You can grasp this opportunity and make a fantastic app to own a passive income app.

Other bright niches for monetizing apps are:

  • Internet and telecommunication
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Online banking
  • Legal
  • Home and gardening
  • Dealership of vehicles online

Keyword Research for ASO

As we have discussed the best niches, the next move is to perform keyword research for ASO (App Store Optimization). It is done to rank your app on the app store. It is similar to SEO; you hunt keywords and rank your app. The best tools for ASO are as follows:

App Radar is the best tool for you if you have just entered the world of ASO. Their slogan “We grow Apps” is justified by their features. Once you purchase their subscription, they allow you to have a 1-on-1 session with an experienced app marketing expert to develop a plan for your newly made app. App radar focuses on continuous improvement through various audits and improvement of your ASO strategy.


  • The free plan is best for beginners.
  • Once the app starts showing optimization, you can upgrade to the paid plan.


  • No A/B testing to see if the app makes people download/install your app.
  • No review analysis and no ad creation.

An excellent app store optimizer enables you to get visibility on the app store and the google play store. It has multiple features, but a standout feature is its ASO report. It gives you:

  • A metadata analysis and analysis of your competition.
  • Google play backlinks identification and tracking.
  • Daily email reports.


  • Free seven-day demo.
  • Ratings and reviews analysis, download analysis, fast customer service, and app download stats for various countries.


  • A little complex as they offer many services at a single time. Not suitable for beginners.

If you want to focus more on the relationship and interaction with the customers, Apptentive is the right ASO tool for you. Apptentive groups your customers into different sections and allows you to communicate with the right target audience at a particular time. It is one of the best tools to view and respond to customer feedback.


  • You can view all the messages and reviews from the customers and reply to them.
  • It allows you to create coupons that can attract customers.


  • No list of plans to decide on a suitable plan. You have to try the demo and go on from there.

PickFu is the tool for you if you want to run testing on your application. Instead of live testing, which is risky, you can use PickFu to create a poll, and the people participating in the testing would answer them in a very short time. They will not only select an option but also provide feedback on why they preferred the selected option. PickFu gives you the luxury to test certain things as a live split software; these things include:

  • Screenshots of the app
  • The tagline of the app
  • Icon of the app
  • Concept of the app

PickFu will allow you to conduct independent testing of any of these characteristics in the form of a poll. The poll would be filled quickly compared to a live testing session that requires going through the fuss of getting approval each time.


  • Fast testing allows you to test your concept before coding the app.


  • PickFu doesn’t facilitate live testing.

SearchAdsHQ is ideal for people interested in impacting the Apple Search Ads. SearchAdsHQ officially works with Apple, so it knows more than a lot about how to run an effective Apple Search Ads campaign. This tool is highly recommended for you if you want to market an app using Apple Search Ads.


  • Allows you to control and copy campaigns.
  • Track the performance of your Ad.
  • Keep a record of the CPI (Cost Per Install).
  • Automate the CPA (Cost Per Action) bidding on Apple Search Ads.


  • Specified to Apple Ads, no support for Google Ads
  • No accurate pricing info is available. You have to use the demo version first.

Once you have done enough research and found your ideal niche, the next monument is to create a passive income app, and luckily we know the best app maker for you!

Create an App

We discussed Stacks pairing up with Admob, making you able to own a passive income app. The niches and tools for ASO are also discussed in detail. The landmark now is to conjure your magic and create an app using Stacks. Stacks app builder allows you to create apps without using a single line of code.

How to Create an App Using Stacks

Stacks app builder allows you to create your own passive income app and publish it. The promising features of Stacks make it easy to create an app:

  • Easy user interface
  • Unique templates
  • Drag and drop
  • One-click app generation and upload

Find a Template or Start from Scratch

Stacks is a very flexible platform. You can do anything regarding app design using this tool. If you want to select a template from the already present templates, you can choose it and edit it to your liking. If you don’t like any of the templates, which is very unlikely, you can start building your app from scratch if you have the idea.

Drag and Drop Feature

Stacks allows you to create an entire app using drag and drop. Why get someone else to do something that you can do yourself? Over 20 unique templates will enable you to create an amazing, promising app without hiring developers. You can control what you want, thanks to the easy user interface of the Stacks app builder. You can now make your own passive income app in simple steps. The whole concept behind Stacks is to give users the liberty to design their apps as they want.

Generate Design and Upload

Once you are happy with your design, you can upload it to App Store or Google Playstore to reach thousands of potential customers. The generation of design is also simple. All it requires is a click.

Share Your Content in Communities

You can share valuable tips and content in communities that can benefit from it. There will be many people just like you who want to own a passive income app but are not sure about which path they should follow. The communities are beneficial for people as they continually learn and refine their existing knowledge from them. You can find the relevant communities by asking in other communities, searching on social media, and joining the relevant platforms on the internet.

Enhance App Usability

Making an app requires determination, but it isn’t the end of the road. Once you have published your app on the relevant store, you have to work hard on enhancing the app’s usability. A simple app will convert into a passive income app through usability. Continuous improvement is the road to success. Stacks allows you to send unlimited push notifications. The push notifications play a crucial role in enhancing the app’s usability. They keep reminding the users about the app. Apart from the push notifications, always keep a keen eye on the ratings and reviews. Ask the customers to rate your app to enhance the usability of your passive income app. Ratings and reviews are one of the most critical criteria for judging an app. Keep asking your users for ratings and reviews and analyze them to get better.

Get back to the builder and start generating more money using AdMob



Stacks joins hands with Admob to facilitate the app owners. You can now own a passive income app to earn money. Perform ASO, create an app using stacks, spread the word about your app, and start earning from your passive income app!

Get back to the builder and start generating more money using AdMob

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