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The latest update from Stacks has launched a new feature. This new feature is the “Button Feature” It will serve as a link between internal and external pages in the application and boosts app downloads. Stacks looks for continuous improvement and development. Linking a button to internal or external pages in the application is extremely helpful to users. This new feature allows you to connect and explore different pages within the app or outside the app too! This button also boosts the app download as the app becomes useful to many more people when a new update is added.

Why is the Feature Introduced?

When does Stacks feel the need to introduce a new feature? This happens whenever Stacks feels like the customer feedback is pointing towards something, and there is a lot of enforcement for a particular feature to be included. The same was the case in this scenario. When we see that majority of the customers are asking for the same thing, we draw our focus towards it. We diverted our focus to making this button feature and added it to our roadmap to develop and add it to the app. Every feature is well-calculated, and the need for each update is carefully calculated before launching. We don’t want to make our app complex for the users, so we carefully assess the need for every update before adding it eventually. When an update is added, if it is done carefully and doesn’t affect the performance of the app, it boosts app download all over.

Benefits of Using the Button Feature

All the advantages of adding the button feature are mainly focused on increasing the audience on the app. So, let us take a look at the benefits of adding the button feature to Stacks.

Exclusive discounts & Forms

First of all, you can use the button to add a form link in the button. This form may be a survey form, a feedback form, and a discount form.

The button can directly lead you to the form. The advantage of adding the form is that you can use the survey on the form to attract customers into winning discounts once they fill that survey.

The audience will download the app to fill the survey to avail discount. This will serve to boost app download.

Images & GIFS

Buttons can be used to add GIF or Image redirects. These redirections may be external or internal.

You can link any other external link to a GIF or Image using a button. You can use the buttons to add links to flash sales and your favorite products that are trending on the app.

You can add different external links to compare these products and get the best deal for the users. You can also add links to videos that illustrate everything about the products. Redirects serve to boost app download.


The button feature can enable you to add the “Chat” feature to the application. The chat feature is a trendy feature to include in the app.

It allows people to ask queries and discuss ideas. If a person is using your app and he has a question to ask, he will want to chat with the available person at that time to resolve his query.

This will also allow you to increase the interaction with users. Chat support will boost app download as people will be confident that their queries will be answered.

Customers Stories'

All the advantages of adding the button feature are mainly focused on increasing the audience on the app. So, let us take a look at the benefits of adding the button feature to Stacks.

Webinar Sign-ups

One of our customers managed to generate sign-ups for his webinar using our app. He must have added a form with the help of a button, and people would’ve clicked on that button to access the form. Very simple and easy way to get an audience for the webinar!

Automated Chat replies

Using the chat feature has also proved to add a lot of value to the application. People have been seen to ask queries on the spot from the chat support. We have also added chatbots to give fast replies to the frequently asked questions. People like it when their queries are answered quickly. This boosts the rating of the app.

Flash Sales

The button feature is also very easy to use during events. For example, with Halloween around the corner, spooky posters, images, and GIFs are used by people to attach external links and products to the application. Different stores will link their products to your site.


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The new button feature that boosts app download is introduced in the Stacks app. This button feature allows you to link internal and external pages to your application. We consider the feedback from our customers and then add a new update. All our updates are carefully calculated. There are many features of the button feature. You can make the UI easy to use, add buttons in the menu bar, and add Images and GIFs that are linked to external pages. We have also discussed some experiences that represent how the button feature can boost app downloads which is our main objective. Different brands can utilize the trending events to create promotional offers. We hope that you enjoy the new button update and love it! Let us know your remarks so that we can improve our services further.

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Mostafa yasser
Mostafa yasser

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Mostafa holds a Bachelor's degree in Mass Media & communication and has completed several professional certifications in digital marketing and media buying.

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