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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Great! down below is a set of our most frequently asked questions and their answers

Stacks’ native app builder is so simple and adaptable that you can drag and drop your application design. you can add unlimited sections ,columns and blocks (including text, images, and other elements)
Also here’s a walkthrough video to get start with Stacks 

Our main requirement is to have a website. It’s essential since this website will function as the database. We provide support for all types of websites; Moreover our mobile app builder has a full integration with WordPress websites.

Yes, we make it possible for you to convert your mobile app idea into reality, and upload it to the stores with all the features unlocked and start generating up to 500 visitor to your app without paying any fees

The builder functionality enables you to create an app without coding it’s totally user-friendly, you don’t need any technical background

You can create a free app, launch it and use all the features until you reach 500 visitors in your application if your application has more traffic than 500 you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee that is 39$

No, Our mobile app builder simply charge the monthly subscription fees no matter the revenue you generate from your business

Stacks is integrated with all the payment gateways that WordPress is integrated with , like Stripe , Paypal, Fawry,…..etc or even Cash on delivery

Stacks designed to inspire you to build smarter in your application ,where you can have a high level of customization from header till the footer in each view.
whether by adding, editing or even connecting the views to each other, and you can have a full look of your customer journey in your app so your product can drive results and have a better performance , just be creative and the builder is under your control

Yes, Once you add any new data in your websites it will be updated automatically in the app

No, Stacks will not require any extra fees. All you have to do is pay for the developer accounts on Google Play and App Store to upload your apps on them

Yes, you can add posts to display your articles and more features will be added soon like comments, share ….. etc. You can learn more about our upcoming updates from the roadmap

Yes, with a membership plugin you can manage the access for any content by creating different subscription models or tiers or even keeping some content unlocked for free.

Other helpful resources

A step by step guide answering all your website design related questions.

Shoot us an email for all your queries whether it’s related to our services, process, or price plans, we’d love to hear from you!

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