Fresh & Trendy design for Stacks App


From an outdated code, design, and performance, to an app that is completely new.

Meet the new version, where we updated the code & design of the application to be up to date with the current trends. Too many major changes have been applied to the design and the performance of the application has drastically improved

The application speed is now 10 times faster

The App launches in almost 1 second

the old app was programmed to load all the content and all the pages before it launches, the way the app is programmed now is totally different; first, the app will launch, and then the content of the page you’re at will load up and the speed will depend on the customer internet speed

Application design refined to stay up to date with the design trends

The enhancements have improved every single page & part of the application and even some new pages have been added to the flow of the App. 

This is not the first update where we have been working on improving the design, it’s been getting better every day, but keep reading so you don’t miss out on this major leap that has been applied to the App design

Footer & Header

Icons: the shape and colors of icons are enhanced 

Margins & Shape: The margin on the header & footer is now pixel perfect. Also, the header size has been decreased & enhanced to give a more modernized look to the overall design

Blocks Shapes & Margins

Most of the margins of the block (ex: Image, products, categories) are now pixel perfect, and some of the shapes have been improved.

All Products Page

Sorting & Filtration Blocks: removed the unnecessary space between the header & the block, also the font & icons have been improved to coop with the current design trends 

Prices & Variation: the fonts of the prices & the spaces between the sales price and current price have been improved along with the variation icon if any of the products have a variation available.

Single Product Page

Fonts enhancement: 80% of this page is content, so the font enhancement improves the overall design of the page, parts that changed:

  • Product Description 
  • Product Title
  • Prices
  • Product Category
  • Product Attribute

Checkout Page

This page has been completely redesigned, it had major design issues that needed to be fixed.

Sizes: fonts, icons & image sizes were huge and badly organized. It is now fixed and the overall design of the page has been finely tuned to give a greater impression.

Shipping Options: new drop-down menus were added to ease and smoothen the selection process

Coupon Field: The text field of the coupon is a lot cleaner than it used to be.

Checkout Form Page

This page is a major part of the conversion process and had to be changed. The old form had too much extra spacing & large size that made it hard for users to type in their billing info, now it’s trendy & smoother for your users.

Order Placed Page

All the order info was boxed in a certain area of the page which needed to be stretched out along with a few space changes and font changes to make it easier for the users to receive all the necessary information they need.

Dashboard & My orders

These 2 pages were structured poorly, to get an idea it used to start with the header of the application, a search bar then a large header to switch between the pages.

Now it’s updated:

  • The search bar is removed
  • Clean header to switch between pages
  • Better design for the information table & buttons

Addresses Page

This page is newly added, so your customers can manage and modify their addresses.

Sign up, Contact & my account page forms

From a poorly designed form with too much space & large sizes to a neat form with a better UX.

Small Changes & modifications

Notification Boxes

The size & the font of notification boxes now have a clean design

Side Menu

The icons, fonts & Shapes of the side menus are now polished


A new power is added to your application that covers the performance & design of the application.

At Stacks, we are consistently working to enhance & improve the design and functionality of both the builder & the application itself, but by far this update has been the biggest change applied to the application design itself.

This update has moved the app from an outdated version to a clean and trendy App that you can proudly represent to your customers. 

Get back to the builder to try the new features 

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Mostafa yasser
Mostafa yasser

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