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How to add different categories to sort your products by?

Step 1:

Login to your website or if you are already logged in proceed to step 2.

Step 2:

Select edit with elementor

Step 3:

Press the edit button in the woo products grid or press right click with your mouse on it then choose edit woo products grid.

Step 4:

Head to the editing menu to query products by dropdown menu then choose category then a category section will be visible for you to add categories to your preference

Step 5:

Press the update button to save your changes.

Shortcut: login>edit with elementor> press edit button in woo products grid (WPG)/ press right click with your mouse on the edit button then select edit WPG> head to the query products by section then select the dropdown menu and choose category> add in the categories you prefer to sort by> press the update button to save your changes