How To Create A Minimum Viable Product For Your Mobile E-commerce Application?


When starting a business, one of the main processes is producing MVP for your product/service/mobile app idea 

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product 

It’s the straight forward, no fuss, simple version of your product 

It should be: 

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to imagine how it will solve the consumer’s issue

Why should you use MVP before you start the production phase of your amazing idea?

Because MVP helps you in: 

  • Gauging the market and knowing if the people who have the problem are willing to pay for this basic solution.
  • Spares you the cost and time of production to a full glammed up product/service and then ROI (return of investment) sinks to the bottom because nobody cares or the product is by far so expensive since it’s packed with unnecessary features 
  • Raising the interest of the investors since they will see proof that consumers are interested in signing up for your product/service 
  • You can use the feedback of the circle of people you introduced the MVP to further improve it to focus on the features they need to solve their issues 

How to create an MVP for your Mobile E-commerce Application?

It depends on the nature of the products or service you provide

Let’s assume that you have an offline retailing store and you wish to go online with it. 

First of all, in this day and age, your customers are probably inquiring about your store’s Mobile App, to see if you offer a points and rewards system or a loyalty program, or to just keep up with your store’s inventory and keep their eyes peeled for your seasonal discounts. 

These are all features which you can provide in the Mobile app for your customers 

You can choose just one feature that they mention the most and focus on introducing your customers to that idea of an app that will give them points on each of their purchases and later on lets them purchase a product through their points, make a video like Dropbox did or create a landing page full of details and see how many of your customers are willing to sign up to receive updates on the release date of the app. 

How to assess if your MVP is a success with your Audience?

According to Mind The Product article, they articulated the essence of a successful MVP 

Seek to build an MVP that evokes the emotion you seek in customers. You want to see prospective customers’ eyes widen in excitement (perhaps metaphorically, if the MVP doesn’t happen face-to-face).

Meaning that the goal as non-tangible as it is, is crucial to the process of assessing whether or not your app is going to succeed, so basically you want to see your customers excited for the launch, and start being curious about it. 

If they aren’t excited then you need to change the feature, try asking them about the things they are missing from their shopping experience because, at the end of the day you need to give them what they want and desire for your Mobile App to be a success.

And here’s what our co-founder had to say when it came to MVP: 

Always start with an MVP. Never scale your idea and produce a feature without first validating it, even if the feature will be a manual process with no automation. 

Bottom Line: Simplify things as much as you can till you prove your concept. 

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