How to optimize your page to meet your KPI goals

Last time we discussed the KPI of the Click Through Rate (CTR) in your ad campaign you may want to refer to that article before proceeding with this one.

Now you have traffic to your website presumably a blog post. What are the KPIs that could be applied to that page? Could be:
– Email subscription:
– internal links click through rate

1- Email subscriptions: did the blog visitors got interested enough to decide to subscribe to your email list? If yes then that’s an indicator that your content is beneficial for your visitors
However, if the blog page isn’t converting this could mean that your page is lacking in some aspects.
Page optimization depends on numerous aspects;
content is definitely a main concern here, For your visitor to willingly subscribe to your newsletter you need to establish your authority in your field which mainly is represented through your content. So until that’s been optimized; even if your visitors subscribed they will soon unsubscribe if unbeneficial content kept reaching their inbox.
Your content is the doorway on which your reader stands, so here are some tips when writing content on your website, these might seem redundant however they are the main core behind any page optimization for conversion:
A- do your research before writing a single word: doing research on your topic gives you an overlay of how your competition are choosing to handle your topic of choice. From there you can find a different angle to tackle it through your style.

B- keyword search is a fundamental step to enhance your SEO and exempt you from writing a blog post using keywords that don’t have a good search volume. for this you can use tools like:
– Google ads: keywords plan.
– Ubersuggest which is a free tool developed by Neil Patel.

C- It’s recommended that you outline your points before the actual writing process begins, but some writers like me only prefer to do that when the blog topic is diverse and correlated so that I don’t lose sight of the bigger picture or lose some points here and there.
At the end of the day you have the freedom to do what’s working best for you.

D- Embed the brand’s tone of voice when writing, it will make your writing unique and will leave a mark in your readers’ minds for a longer period.

E- Base your knowledge whether it’s in the form of tips and tricks or basic information on solid tactics and proofed strategies; here’s where the research you have done before writing kicks in as it boosts your credibility with your readers and establishes your brand as an authority in your field.

F- Don’t follow the same patterns of the articles you have read on the same subject, because your reader probably did read them as well. Instead turn the subject on its head and give your reader a fresh perspective, one that lights up their interests and ignites their curiosities.

2- Internal links click through rate:
Internal links within your blog could lead the reader to a different blog post that’s related to the same subject the reader is reading or it could lead to a product or service that you are offering through your blog post, hence you can test:
A- Different call to actions on the same content by driving traffic to these two same blogs with different CTAs and see which one converts best and use it from then on.

B- multiple products and gauge the interest of the traffic to these products to learn which is selling and which isn’t.

All of this benefits in expanding the value you are giving the reader which directly increases their time spent on your website and enhances their impression of your brand.

This means that if you succeed to increase the internal links click through rate you will significantly decrease your page bounce rate.
This is all related to the success of the key performance indicator of your ad post CTR. This all won’t be happening if it was low. As the overall KPI is measured as a process not just a phase!

Hit us up with your queries when it comes to page optimization in the comment section below and we will reply to them ASAP!

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