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Activate Admob on your mobile application

Step 1

Go to https://apps.admob.com/ and create a Google Admob account

Step 2

After you have created an application on it, go to App settings and copy your “App ID”

Step 3

Head back to the builder and go to Application Settings.

Paste the “App ID” you have copied from google AdMob settings and paste it into the google AdMob field below.

Step 4

Activate the banner ads to appear above the header or below the footer, by clicking the edit Icon on the Header or Footer

Step 5

Click on Add Item

Step 6

Now you need to add the ad unit id that can be obtained from ad units tab in Google Admob dashboard

Step 7

Paste the ad unit id to the item you have added to the header or footer. Then Enable the banner ad from the Drop Down Menu, then press Update 

You can use this ID to test the banner design on your application or the app preview if you haven’t created an AdMob account yet.


Step 8

For the Footer, it works exactly as the header works , and in both cases, you can add more than one item and choose the page on which the item appears Banner Ads

Step 9

here is a sample of the Ad that should appear on your application

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