How to activate Facebook login to Stacks Android Mobile Application

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How to  activate Facebook login on your Website and Android Mobile Application

If you have already set up the Facebook Login on your website before then you can proceed to step 20 to set it up on your Android Mobile Application

Step 1:

Go to Facebook Developers Website and Login with your Facebook account normally then Select Add New App under My Apps

choose Add new app

Step 2:

Set a name for the application (usually your brand name). This will be the name shown to your customers when they login using Facebook.

Set a name

Step 3:

Under Facebook Login, press Set Up

press set up

Step 4:

Click on Android Icon to configure the login on your website

press on web


Step 5:

You’ll need the Google Play Package Name and the Key Hash ID, you can get both by going to your website dashboard and then hovering the mobile application tab then selecting app settings you’ll find the Google Play Package Name and when you scroll down you’ll find the Facebook Hash ID, copy and paste both back in your Facebook developer account

Google Play package name

Facebook Hash ID

Step 6:

Press the single sign on to activate it and press save changes

activat the single sign on and press save changes

Step 7:

Press “use this package name”

press use this package name

Step 8:

In your Facebook developer account, head to the settings tab then select Basic the copy your App ID

Step 9:

Head to your websites dashboard and hover Mobile Application then select App settings and scroll down till you reach the Facebook App ID section, paste the Facebook App ID and write your App name then press the save button to save your changes.

Paste your Facebook App ID and write your app name

press the save button

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