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Activate Points & Rewards on your Mobile Application

Step 1

Activate the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin

Step 2

From the menu, choose Woocommerce, then choose points and rewards

Step 3

From here you can update all points for all your customers

Step 4

And from the point log, you can know all the points of all customers

Step 5

 From the Settings, you can Edit Points Conversion Rate and Redemption Conversion Rate And many other options

Step 6

From the product settings, you can manage the points earned by a product by adding points in the “Pointed Earned” field, as shown in this image

Step 7

After editing all the Settings, make an order from the application and make sure that the order is on “completed” status for the points to count

Step 8

Now open my points page from the menu and it will show you the points that have been added to your account

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