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Activate translation on your Application


Please make sure you have installed the latest version of our plugin 4.6 or higher.

To know more on how to install the latest plugin please follow this guide 

Step 1

Install and activate Polylang from your dashboard

Step 2

Install and activate Hyyan WooCommerce from your dashboard

Step 3

Go to Language and select the language that you want to add. Once added, everything will be filled automatically.

Step 4

Go to the builder and click update to sync the words on the application with Polylang plugin

Step 5

English and Arabic are auto-translated, if you would like to translate a different language here is how; 

First method :
You can download this file and translate the words inside then mail us the file at suppot@stacksmarket.co
And we will add the language to the application.

The second method:
A- From the “Language” tab select “String translation”
B- Choose (Application text ) From the menu and press Filter
C- Start translating the strings required for your application. 

Step 6

If you have more than 1 language in your application, make sure to create products for all the languages and link them correctly to each other.

Step 7

Go back to the builder and click on refetch Products & Categories to show the new products that have been added

Step 8

Now that you have enabled the translation, you can choose the preferred language you would like to use for your application

Step 9

You should be able to find the products and categories that you have assigned to the language chosen.

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