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How to add a button to your header?

Step 1

Login to your website or if you are already logged in Hover over edit with elementor then select your header’s name if want to add the button to your page then just select edit with elementor and proceed with the same steps

Step 2

Press the right click with your mouse on the column button you want the button to be next to then select add new column

Step 3

Select the ‘+’ sign in the column and head to the editing menu to type in ‘button’ in the search bar then Drag and Drop the button to its place in the column

Step 4

Readjust the width between your columns to your liking from pressing the column button then from the layout tab in the column editing menu you can edit the width so that between the number of columns it will be equal to 100; i.e if you have 4 columns then each width could be 25 to be equally distributed or adjust it to your liking ThenPress the update button to save your changes

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