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How to add a logo to the header?

Step 1

Login to your website or if you are already logged in Select outlets/plates from the horizontal top menu

Step 2

Select templates from the admin left side panel then hover over your header’s name then click Edit with Elementor.

Step 3

Hover over the header’s logo or picture then press right click on your mouse and select delete.

Step 4

A plus sign will appear in the empty section of the logo or picture, press on it and write Image in the search bar of the edit menu.

Step 5

Select image then Drag and drop the image icon from the edit menu to its place in the header

Step 6

From the edit menu select the logo section to choose or upload your logo.

Step 7

A pop up will appear, you can either choose the already uploaded images or upload your logo image or any image you prefer and add it.

Step 8

from there you can edit the logo image from the edit menu which has 3 tabs

– The content tab: controls the image’s size, alignment, link, and caption
– The style tab: controls the image’s width, opacity, filters, border type and radius, as well as the box type.
– The Advanced tab: controls the image’s margins,padding,scrolling effect, background, border, responsive, attributes, custom CSS


Step 9

Once you have finished editing your logo just click the update button to save your edits.

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