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How to add a product?


Go to your dashboard by adding */wp-admin* (ex: mystore.com/wp-admin) at the end of your URL or if you are logged in as admin hover over your website in the menu and select Dashboard

Step 2:

Select products from the dashboard menu

Step 3:

Click over Add new

Product Name

Once you have clicked add new, you will be able to add your product name in the first text area

Product Description

The large text area is the place where you can write your product description

The product description will show in your product page, refer to the image below

Product Category

Next to the product description, you have the option to select the category for your product or add a new product or leave it uncategorized

Add Product Image

Under the product Category, you will find the product image, click on it and select from the media or upload your image and that’s it

if you have multiple images for the same product, use the option below it, product gallery, and upload your images

Product Details

In this part you can add all the missing details of your product, including change product from simple to variable, add prices, shipping fees & any attributes