How to build your iOS mobile application

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How to build your iOS mobile application

If you have already uploaded our mobile application plugin then skip to step five, if you haven’t then start with step one

Step 1:

Head to your website dashboard to the plugins section and press add new

Step 2:

Press upload plugin

Step 3:

Choose the plugin zip file and press upload

Step 4:

Once the plugin is uploaded press the activate button

Step 5:

Once the plugin is activated you will be redirected to the Mobile Application tab where you can start building your mobile application.

Mobile Application Tab

Step 6:

In the General setting tab it’s mandatory to fill every section with your app information so that you can build your application, it’s also mandatory to fill in the IPA SKU number to build iOS applications.Once you are done click Save changes to save your data. general setting tab in the mobile application tab

Add IPA SKU Number

Step 7:

Head to the app setting tab and choose you mobile application brand colours and fonts. then press the save changes button.

the app setting tab inside the mobile application tab

Step 8:

Head to the content setting tab where you can edit the content in your application pages. Once you have finished customizing the pages, click the save changes button and then click the build application button. the content setting tab in the mobile application tab

Step 9:

To begin building and launching your iOS, you need to have an Apple ID which if you have an Apple Mobile, tablet or desktop then you already have one, the next thing you need is an Apple developer account which you can enroll in by following the steps in this guide: https://developer.apple.com/support/app-account/ 

If you forgot your Apple ID you can make a new one by following this guide: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204316

Once you have subscribed to your annual membership please continue following the next steps.

Step 10:

Head to the Build app tab and choose the iOS icon to build an iOS mobile Application.

choose iOS

Step 11:

Fill in the needed sections and click authenticate.

Itunes account details

Step 12:

You’ll receive an authentication code in a few minutes on the phone number you entered earlier so once you recieve it please added in it’s section and press authenticate.

Add in authentication code

Step 13:

Head to your Email inbox to check the your iOS build

Head to your inbox to receive your build

Step 14:

In the email you’ll receive the IPA build and you can publish it through stacks publisher service or by yourself.

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