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we have automated the whole building process, with Stacks mobile app builder all you need to do is brand your app and add your content;

In a few steps you will be able to build & upload your App to play & App stores

Building Android Application

Step 1:

In the General setting tab it’s mandatory to fill every section with your app information so that you can build your application and once you are done click Save changes to save your data.general setting tab in the mobile application tab

Step 2:

Head to the app setting tab and choose you mobile application brand colours and fonts. then press the save changes button.

the app setting tab inside the mobile application tab

Step 3:

Head to the content setting tab where you can edit the content in your application pages. Once you have finished customizing the pages, click the save changes button and then click the build application button.

the content setting tab in the mobile application tab

Step 4:

After clicking on the build application button choose the Android icon to build your android mobile app.

Choose the android icon to build an android mobile application

Step 5:

You’ll then write down the version number of your mobile application, ex: 1.1 or 2, etc. and then click the build now button Write your app version ex: 1.1 or 2

Step 6:

In few minutes you will receive your Android app APK file in your inbox.
If you haven’t downloaded an APK file on your mobile phone before then here’s  step by step guide on how to do so easily.

You will receive your Android mobile application APK file in an email

Building iOS Application

If you’re building an iOS application, there a few extra steps

Step 1:

Head to the Build app tab and choose the iOS icon to build an iOS mobile Application.

Step 2:

Fill in the needed sections and click authenticate.

Step 3:

You’ll receive an authentication code in a few minutes on the phone number you entered earlier so once you recieve it please added in it’s section and press authenticate.

Step 4:

Head to your Email inbox to check the your iOS build

You’re all set!

Keep an eye on your email, and you will receive your applications on it.

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