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How to bulk import products?

Importing products is useful if you have a large number of products and to begin you need to add your products to a CSV file.

We have created a sample sheet, you can check it out from here.

Step 1:

  • Add your products to the sheet (Follow the format in our sample sheet)

Step 2:

From your Dashboard go to All Import

Step 3:

upload your Sheet and choose from the menu Woocommerce products

Step 4:

Proceed to step 3 and start dragging the elements from the table on the right to their field

Step 5:

Once you’re done with step 4, you’re ready to import your products…

Proceed with the last 2 steps & confirm your import and you should be all set.

Watch how to bulk import products

All the previous steps on how to bulk import are explained in the following video