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How to create a new footer?

Step 1

Login to your website or if you are already logged in Select Outlets/Plates

Step 2

Hover over templates and select add new

Step 3

A pop up will appear you then choose the type of template from the dropdown menu in this case you will choose footer then name it and press the create template button

Step 4

Another popup will appear with a selection of footer designs to choose from, you can press on the footer to see its display and if you like it you can press on the insert button, or you can insert it from the popup menu by hovering it then pressing insert

Step 5

You will be taken then to edit the footer on it’s own and to save your changes press the update button from the editing menu, once you do so a popup will appear so that you can choose which pages of your website you want your footer to appear in and you can do that by pressing the add condition button and editing the appearance condition then pressing the save and close button

N.B if you want to edit the display conditions of your footer you can do that by pressing the arrow icon beside the update button and choose display conditions there you can edit the pages you want the footer to appear/disappear in and press the save and close button then press the update button to save all your changes

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