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How to activate Facebook login on your Website and Android Mobile Application

Step 1

Go to Facebook Developers Website and Login with your Facebook account normally then Select Add New App under My Apps

Step 2

Set a name for the application (usually your brand name). This will be the name shown to your customers when they login using Facebook.

Step 3

Under Facebook Login, press Set Up

Step 4

Click on Web to configure the login on your website

Step 5

Fill in your website link then click on Next for the following steps till you get to the end of the quick start

Step 6

In your Facebook developer account head to setting and choose basic

Step 7

Add your Privacy Policy URL, and your domain name to App Domain field, choose your category and press the save button once you have finished

Step 8

Got to the header on the right and press the switch to activate your App

Step 9

Head to your website’s dashboard and select the plugins tab and activate the Nextend plugin

Step 10

Head to the settings tab in your dashboard and press Nextend social Login

Step 11

Press the getting started button on Facebook

Step 12

You will see the steps that we have already gone through except for the step number 11 “Valid OAuth redirect URIs” take a copy of it similar to the one in this picture.

Step 13

Head to your facebook developer account and go to the products tab in the menu on the left then Facebook login then choose settings and paste the Valid OAuth redirect URIs in it’s place as shown in this picture.

Step 14

Return back to your WordPress dashboard and in the same settings tab choose the Nextend Social Login and press the button”I am done setting up my Facebook App” 

Step 15

Head back to your Facebook developer account in the settings tab choose Basic then copy the App ID and the App Secret.

Step 16

Go to back to your website dashboard and paste them in the settings tab in the Nextend Social Login then press save changes.

Step 17

Press verify settings.

Step 18

Press continue.

Step 19

Press verify settings again and press enable

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