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How To Edit The Header of your Mobile Application

Step 1

Hover over the header and click on the edit icon 

Step 2

From The Data Tab you can choose to add an Image 

Step 3

If you would like to change the color of the header instead of placing an image, use the switch icon represented in the following image

Step 4

From here you can change the Background of the Header

Step 5

From the Style tab you can control icon color, search expanded and if you need the Header to be sticky

Step 6

From the Style tab  You can choose and change the icons from the following link
Just copy the name of the icon and add it to the corresponding field.

Step 7

you can also enable and disable any icon from the header 

Step 8

You can choose to activate the global header on any view that you select. and in the following steps you can learn how to customize the global header design

Step 9

 Now Click on Branding icon as shown in this image

Step 9

You can customize the settings from the global header here

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