How to launch your mobile application (Android & iOS)

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How to launch your mobile application (Android & iOS)

Step 1:

Login to your website or if you are already logged in proceed to step 2

Step 2:

Select outlets/plates from the horizontal top menu

Step 3:

From your dashboard hover over mobile application and select app setting

Step 4:

Add in your application name and description then press the save button

Step 5:

In the same section of the mobile application in the dashboard select build application then select which type do you want to build either Android or iOS

Step 6:

Then you will be taken to the 2nd step to add in your name and email and application version then press build now

Step 7:

Your application is currently being built and once it’s done the APK file will be sent to your email for you to upload it either to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store through your developer account

N.B: you can edit the mobile application content in the content setting subsection under the mobile application section and once you are done press the save and publish to app button to save your changes

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