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How to change the pointer colour for the nav menu tabs

Step 1

Login to your website or if you are already logged in Hover over edit with elementor then select your header’s name.

Step 2

Press right click from your mouse on the tab you want to edit then select edit nav menu.

Step 3

Click on style then press on hover then choose the pointer colour and add in its number

Step 4

Press the update button once you have added in the colour you wanted

Pro tip 1: if you want to know the colour number of a certain colour in a picture or logo or text colour you can download the ColorZilla chrome extension and using this tool you can find out the number of any colour you want
N.B we aren’t in any way affiliate to ColorZilla it’s just the tool we use and recommend.
Pro tip 2: avoid choosing the pointer colour the same of the linear gradient colour of the header if you have one as if you do the pointer colour will disappear in the linear gradient colour.


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