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How to print an order invoice/delivery receipt

Step 1:

You need to Install WooCommerce delivery notes free plugin (It’s compatible with your website). All you need to do is hover over the plugins tab in your dashboard and select Add new.

hover the plugins section in your dashboard and click add new

Step 2:

Type in “WooCommerce Delivery Notes” in the search and press the install button of “Print Invoice & Delivery Notes for WooCommerce” then press the Activate button.

type in the plugin name and press the install button

press the activate button

Step 3:

In your website dashboard hover over the WooCommerce tab then select Settings

hover over the Woocommerce tab and select settings

Step 4:

Select the Print tab and start customizing the content on your orders’ receipts and press the save changes button at the end of the page

press the print tab and start customizing your receipt

Step 5:

Hover over the Woocommerce tab then select orders, from there click the order you want to print its receipt and then scroll down to the order printing section on the right side of the page and choose Print Invoice.

hover over the Woocommerce tab and select orders

select your orders and scroll down till you reach the printing invoice section and choose print invoice

Step 6:

Your invoice receipt will look like this:

an example of how the receipt will look