How to publish your iOS build to Apple App Store?

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How to publish your iOS build to Apple App Store?

Once you received the IPA which is your iOS build in your Email you can either publish it through Stacks publisher service or by yourself to the Apple App Store.

If you wish to publish it through Stacks then please follow these steps:

Step 1:

Once you click the publish using stacks publisher button in the email of the build you will be taken to this page, please fill in the sections and in some sections you’ll find a link in some sections to collect the data you need.

 Step 2:

It will take 10 minutes for Itunes to respond back to you through Email so please check your inbox.

Itunes will respond back in 10 minutes

Step 3:

The email will guide you through submitting your app to TestFlight, you can go with this to publish your app for beta testers, however you can skip this step and go ahead with uploading your App for Apple to review it and then launch it if it’s up to it’s standards or reject it if it wasn’t.

If you wish to submit your app directly then please continue with this step:

Sign in to your account through this link: https://appstoreconnect.apple.com/login

Please note that the apple ID required in this step is your registered email.

Step 4:

Enter the two-factor authentication code sent your registered number.

two-factor authentication

Step 5:

Choose your build

Choose your build
Step 6:

Enter your app name and privacy policy URL

Enter your App name and privacy policy URL

Step 7:

Choose your application name from the left menu under the IOS App section, in this page you are going to fill in everything about your App such as the screenshots, description, logo, icons, etc.
Once you are done press the save button on the top right section of the page.

Choose you IOS app

Once you are done press the submit for review button.
It will take Apple some time to review your app and if they rejected it they will mention what needs to be fixed and once you fix it you can resubmit the app for review and approval.

press the submit for review button

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