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Switch Between Native And Webview Checkout

Step 1

From the top menu click on the settings icon, choose from the drop-down menu “Content settings”

Step 2

scroll down until you reach
“Webview Checkout”
From here click disable to select the Native checkout flow or enable to stay as a “Webview”

Step 3

In order for the native checkout flow to work properly, you need to activate the shipping zones from your WooCommerce

From your WP admin area, go to WooCommerce and select settingsĀ 

Step 4

From Settings select Shipping and Add shipping zone
that you want

Step 5

Then go to Shipping options and choose “Enable the shipping calculator on the cart page”, then click on Save changes.

Step 6

You need to generate a new version in order for the checkout to work

Follow this guide in order to know how to generate a new version
Android guide here
iOS guide here

Step 7

This will be the final form for Native checkout page on mobile app

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