The Marketplace of Integrated WordPress and Mobile Applications

Stacks is a marketplace of systems. Each system is a package of WordPress Theme and mobile application connected together and managed from the same admin area.

Integrated WordPress and Mobile Application
More channels to reach customers

Reach more Customers
through More Channels

Stacks is a marketplace of systems. Each system is a package of WordPress Theme and mobile application connected together and managed from the same admin area.


One Place to Manage All

Manage both your website and application easily from the same admin panel. Any content you add in your website will be automatically added to your mobile application, Control your brand, fonts, products and content from the same place

One place to manage all

Publish your Application with just One Click

With just a click of button, you will have the mobile application ready for publishing on the app store and play store. No need for any development skills as we handle certificates and keys generation required for submitting apps to the App Store and PlayStore.

Publish with one click
Automated build process

Everything is Automated
Focus on What Really Matters

You don’t have to download the files and set it up on your own. We do all the hard work for you, no wasted time, no installation hassle.

Dedicated server
Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers guarantee the best performance and security, you will also be able to upload whatever plugin you want without affecting any other customer in the system


Backups and data recovery are automatically managed by us to guarantee a high level of security and reliability We take 3 backups, daily backup and weekly and each 2 weeks to guarantee your safety


With Stacks you don't have to worry about how to secure your server, since we provide a dedicated server for you, we monitor everything on it and once we sense weird behaviour on your server, we take immediate actions

Automatic updates

We will automatically update your system without any further cost and without the headache of installing new updates and making sure that everything works as it should be.

Features + plugins

With Stacks you are not limited to what we only offer in the matter of features, As our systems are based on WordPress You can easily add any plugin you need.

Custom domain
Custom domain

Your domain is very important for your business. Choose the perfect domain name and add it to stacks

Reliable support

Reliable support without any extra fees 12 hours 5 days in the week.

Build android and ios easily

With Stacks you can build both Android and IOS Applications, you don't have to do anything, we automate the certificates generation and everything beyond

High performance

With our high performance of our websites and applications you will never suffer any bad experience with your customers


Every Business Owner deserves online presence

All this for just 27$/month

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to own a Mobile Application & website and also maintain it. Just with 27$/month you can have your own business online

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