Get your E-Commerce WordPress Theme , Mobile Application and Hosting for just $27/month

This is not a Responsive Website

Mobile Views Crafted Separately

For the best User Experience

Why Dedicated App is better than Responsive Website?

Responsive Website

Bad User Experience : Same flow of your website

Very Slow: Not optimized for phone resources

Using of mobile phone components: No Push Notifications

Low Exposure: Can’t access the power of playstore and appstore

Focusing on special features and functions

User needs to open browser to open your website



Dedicated Application

Add your business “Brand” on every phone

Great User Experience

High Performance Mobile App

Send unlimited Push Notifications

Get the Exposure of Google Play and App Store

Users spend a lot more time on apps than they do on the web.

How to start?

Choose the appropriate system and subscription plan

You will receive a step by step guide on how to build your website and the mobile application via email

Once you provide us with the required information, your site will be built directly

The technical support team will help you reach the stage of launching your site and your mobile application








Quarterly - $33 every Month



Yearly - $27 every Month

Seamless Ordering Process …

You don’t have to purchase a theme anymore, with Outlets you will get both 
a mobile application and a wordpress theme managed from the same admin panel

Out Success Stories

Push Notifications

Reach your audience and easily send messages and notifications to your users to keep them engaged.

Social Login to Enhance User Experience

Easiest selling process with woocommerce features.

Avoid card abandonment and earn more sales with simple checkout process.

And for the Website

Product Details

You can let your customer’s view all the details of the product and let them engage more with your products.

Rewards system that attaches customers to your brand and increases their loyalty

Display your Website and Mobile Application in any Language You want!

Say welcome to Elementor

Enjoy the power of the Visual Drag and Drop Page Builder

Powered with Revolution Slider

Enjoy revolution slider variety of features and ease of use.

Get Outlets now, Add your content and Start Engaging with your Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we can’t make a site that is exactly like another website but it can be close to its design as possible, This is due to the fact of the different architecture in both sites.

Yes, in cases where the website is 100% different that our architecture ‘It happens some time’ , however, we can provide you with suggestions that we can perform from that website and if they are premium features some costs might apply.

You can have up to 3 modifications, we will inform you if any is a premium modification that will require additional costs.

Yes, It will incur additional costs to be completely changed, you can contact us and we will provide 3 different designs that you can choose from.

You can request that we handle importing all your products yet an additional cost will incur.

Yes, you can yet that wouldn’t benefit you since your customers can’t purchase your products from it when none are listed.

It depends on which modifications you are requesting, if they are doable we will perform the modification, if it’s not achievable we will suggest the closest feature that we can perform for you and if it’s a premium feature some costs will apply.

You can have up to 3 modifications, we will inform you if any is a premium modification that will require additional costs.

– Subscription to play store and app store

– Creating your business email 

– Domain name

– Premium edits 

No, we don’t edit already imported products; however we will send you videos detailing how you can bulk edit your products on your website.