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May 30, 2022

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

" Smart ecommerce app builder I have tried many builders for WooCommerce apps. But this one is pretty solid and creates some good results. I didn't expect this level of performance from the test. But now I am gonna get hooked up with this for all my store's app creation "

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Jainam jain

May 31, 2022

Rated 4 out of 5 star

"Easy to use Drag and Drop builder Stacks solve a problem that many small businesses have. To create simple e-commerce and informational apps that drive sales, increased authority, and enhance customer experience"

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Ian B.

May 28, 2022

Nice, easy-to-use app builder

I got the stacks membership from the app sumo deal and I really like how easy to use the interface is. It's well-designed and I can make an app to sell on Google Play to monetize and make some extra money without having to code. I also am a small business owner and the app builder can be useful for selling a product if my business were to enter that area.

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venerando a.

Jan 23, 2022

My Honest Review - very nice. i love this tool

" What do you like best about Stacks Market? The drag and drop feature. Very easy to use. I highly recommend using stacks, you wont regret it. "

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Muhammad H.

Jan 12, 2022

A fast, smooth & powerful drag and drop builder to easily design a native mobile app.

" What do you like best about Stacks Market? Drag and drop smooth feature, within a few steps you can design an application. What do you dislike about Stacks Market? I don't find anything which is not in the builder. "

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Jul 8 2022

Good for Boosting your early startup

"Almost every start-up or NGO needs an App to engage their customer. For me, stacks is really helping my NGO stand out among all donors and give credibility and trust to our campaign by building an official android app. A must thing in your jetpack when you start your start-up adventure! "

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Apr 30 2022

Great Platform to build your Woocommerce app - Both Android and IOS

"Hi, I purchased Stacks platform and it was an amazing experience. Very easy to set up , easy even for a non techie person to build the apps. Really great supportive team as well. Highly recommended if you have an ecommerce business. "

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July 18 2022

No code mobile app building is here

A drag and drop mobile app builder. Never thought this day would come. To create simple e-commerce and informational apps that drives sales, increased authority and enhances customer experience. The app builder is easy to use and comes with a ton of templates, and the founder is very dedicated to continuously improve the product. Well done.

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Nice mobile optimized App I use stacks for many of it features which i like 1. No coding required 2.Payment methods included 3. Maps features included 4.Analytics options 5. Multi-Language Date of experience : June 09, 2022

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Apr 28 2022

Off the bat, there are a lot of great features that will help you builder your woocommerce-powered mobile app. I can't wait to finally build the app of my dreams for my brand. I look forward to seeing many core updates and new fuctions is the app. I have high hopes for the future of mobile app building!

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Jul 20 2022

Some reviews just go on and about x and y, I'm going to keep it simple, I spent 10 minutes overviewing the builder and invested directly after. actions speak louder than words.

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