Stacks 4.6 is live


Say hello to the latest version of your very own app builder! Stacks 4.6 is up and running with exciting features, updates, and fixes to the previous version.

Stacks has revolutionized the world of app-making and uploading by implementing the “Drag & Drop” feature that enables you to create an extravagant app with just a few clicks. Fully customizable templates and app pages are editable too! We recommend that you take a bit of time out of your busy schedule and update Stacks to the latest version to enjoy the perks of this impeccable app builder to the fullest!

The process of updating your plugin is very simple and explained in our knowledge base. You can read it here 

What’s Inside- A Peek in the Update

We aim to improve the user experience and add more features to the app each time we process an update. We have done the same in this version 4.6. Let us look at what are the new installments of features that are included in this update:

The Translation is Now Possible!

When running an online store such as a toy store, the major problem is that if you want your app or website to go live all over the world, using one language can be tricky. If you use English, for example, then the people from other countries where English isn’t common will face difficulty in interpreting your products. To cover this up, we have included a major update in the form of translation. Using our new feature, you can write your content in any language and then translate it inside the app. This saves you from the hassle of translating and uploading multiple descriptions in online stores or any other kind of app.

This way, customers can select the language they want while browsing your app. You can launch an app internationally using Stacks now without worrying about the language barrier.

An additional wave of joy for WooCommerce users. Stacks decided to include PolyLang & Hayyan integration for WooCommerce users so that they can also translate pages and product descriptions with a few clicks.

Translation makes life easy for users, but there is another key element that we added in our latest update. It also aims to make the process of using your app smoother, especially the apps that offer to purchase products.

Native Checkout Flow

Stacks aims to always make it easy for the users. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to further enhance the user experience by creating a native checkout flow for users surfing your app. This will allow them to:

  • Choose and learn about the shipping fees at their location. In this way, they would know the exact amount for their order, including the shipping fees. They can also select an alternate delivery location to reduce the shipping fees if possible.
  • A neatly designed native page where the users can enter their billing information more easily.
  • Native checkout flow allows the users to choose the payment method while staying inside the app.
  • Users can enter their card info and check the status of their order natively too.

The highlight of the native checkout flow is that users no longer need to be redirected to web pages to enter information like card details. They can also check the status of their order natively within the app without going to another webpage. Your customer will only be redirected to your webpage if you want to integrate with local payment methods or re-enter card info. Smooth and uncomplicated, isn’t it?

Google AdMob

A collaboration of Stacks with a mobile ad platform, Google Admob, and a valuable collaboration, we must say! Stacks x Admob allows you to create a passive income app without having products to sell. The main steps involved in creating a passive income app are:

  • Designing a wonderful app using Stacks. It is easy to create an app using Stacks with the drag and drop tool. A lot of templates are available, you can select a template and make an app by editing that template, or you can start from scratch if you have your personal ideas for the app.
  • Keyword research for App Store Optimization (ASO) is a critical phase of making a passive income app. The best tools for performing ASO, along with their pros and cons, are discussed in our associated blog for ASO and Admob. You can read it here
  • After you are done designing your app, you can generate the design with a single click and then upload it to Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Share your content in communities and try to generate as much organic traffic as possible towards your app.
  • Work constantly to enhance the usability of the app. Make it easy to use for users by fixing bugs, launching updates, and adding new features.


Analytics for app feature is one of the latest editions in Stacks. We added two major sections for analytics:

  • A stats page that allows you to keep track of traffic and clicks on any page of the app with the user id and email of the user.
  • An order page that allows you to track all sorts of orders with the user id, email, date, and an order link.

You cannot judge the impact of an app or productivity without realizing specific statistics. Customer behavior is one of them. Tracking customer behavior using mobile analytics on your app will allow you to:

  • Realize what pages of the app are getting more or less traffic.
  • Come up with better updates for the app.
  • Optimize the app if needed to make it better.
  • Get an idea of what normal users think about your app.

Analytics for apps play a vital role in every app that is connected to people. 

Custom Post type support

Custom post type was highly requested by many of our users, and it has a very high value for all website owners that are providing different types of content or products, and now the application can support all these different fields.

It’s so simple to add your custom post types to the application, just add a normal post block, and from the block settings you can choose which post type you would like to list. 


Stacks 4.6 is live! Get access to all the new features by updating to the latest version. The translation of app pages is now possible; native checkout flow makes checkout easier, Admob allows you to create a passive income app, and analytics for the app allow you to keep track of your app’s performance. Bug fixes are also included. Update to have the best experience of app creation with us!

We wouldn’t have made it this far without your feedback. It would be great if you test new features and drop comments to let us know your feedback & what would you like us to improve or implement in our service

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Mostafa Yasser
Mostafa Yasser

Meet Mostafa, a marketing team lead at Stacks with 7 years of experience in high-ticket fields and SaaS. Mostafa's expertise lies in media buying, and he is well-versed in various channels such as social media, PPC, display, and programmatic advertising.
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Mostafa holds a Bachelor's degree in Mass Media & communication and has completed several professional certifications in digital marketing and media buying.