Stacks Affiliate Program

Help business owners to reach
more customers and earn money
for it.

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Renewal Commissions

You are our partner! Which means your commission is being renewed as long as the customer is using our product. You can earn money by retaining an existing customer or generating a new one

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Automated Payouts

Receive your money with ease and convenience! Just add your Paypal, approve your invoice and you're done.

All In One Dashboard

Our marketplace is integrated with affiliatewp, so you can possess all the data you need to increase your rates.

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URL Visits

Learn more about which campaigns and referral website that drives the highest traffic and which have the highest conversion.

Graphs and Reports

You can filter your data with any campaign you choose within any period of time you want.

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Statistics and Payouts

Check number of visits, conversion rate, earnings from the same dashboard.

How It Works

Our Affiliate Policy